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An Alchemist on the loose. :)

Current Residence: Indiana
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Favourite cartoon character: Edward Elric
The title of my fan fic is called RAVE.  I named it this because its the first letters of the main four character names.

R - Reno (from final fantasy 7)

A - Alex (original personality but picture is based off of "Enishi" and "Ban")

V - Vincent (from final fantasy 7)

E - Edward (from fullmetal alchemist)

Full names of these characters in my story are Reno Aurion, Alexander Enishi, Vincent Valentine, and Edward Elric. There are also plenty of side characters and badguys. To list a few of them.......

Hiei (from YuYu Hakasho)-anime
Kurama (from YuYu Hakasho)-anime
Shishi (from YuYu Hakasho)-anime
Sesshomaru (from Inuyasha)-anime
Cid (from Final Fantasy 7)-video game
Sephiroth (from Final Fantasy 7)-video game
Cloud (from Fantasy 7)-video game
Yuber (from Suikoden III)-video game
Barts (from Suikoden III)-video game
Jacques (from Suikoden III)-video game
Albel (from StarOcean,Til the End of Time)-video game
Cliff (from StarOcean,Til the End of Time)-video game
Bebedora (from Ark of the Lad)-video game
Kisuke (from Bleach)-anime
Zaraki (from Bleach)-anime
Renji (from Bleach)-anime
Mustang (from Fullmetal Alchemist)-anime
Alphonse (from Fullmetal Alchemist)-anime
Envy (from Fullmetal Alchemist)-anime
Spike (from Cowboy Bebop)-anime
Joachim (from Castlevania,Lament of Innocence)-video game
Yuna (from Final Fantasy 10)-video game well as many many more. After all this story is over five hundred chapters long. I've been writing for over three years now. I'm sure some will say "no way" but if I must then I'll take a picture of my chapters and submit it here for all to see if asked, tho I could care less if anyone believes me or not. I just love to write and there isn't nothing wrong with that. The story is also rated "M" for mature content. Violence,Language and Suggestive Themes, etc.

When I get around to it I'll submit my fan fic.  I am currently still reviewing each chapter for spell check errors. If it is a successful fan fic among other readers then I plan to take the entire story and put it into video form. We'll see how this goes.
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